The Lulu Show @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"The Lulu Show: Life on the never-never" performed 24 shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. «Lulu» is a nightclub hostess with macro economy as her main topic. The set is a German club from the 1930s. Accompanied by her fabulous jazz trio, Lulu does a strip down of the financial system and world debt through burlesque and dark comedy.

BroadwayBaby: 5/5 "Hilde Louise’s sly and sexy piece examines the financial crisis – via burlesque, jazz and sharp humour. Magnetic stage presence, impossible to ignore, demanding the audience’s attention with a flick of her eyelashes."

One4Review: 4/5 "Cleverly written and wonderfully performed, this show has all the elements required for a great night of cabaret."

ThreeWeeksEdinburgh: 4/5 "With amazingly distinctive vocals and inventive routines, Louise is an irresistible performer with a talent for pulling her audience in, even when discussing the most seemingly mundane topics. A fantastic cabaret show."

Hilde Louise has released 10 solo albums, and toured Norway and Scandinavia in several rounds since 2002. She also has an awarded carreer as a stage actress and cabaret artist, starring as as e.g. "Roxie" in Chicago and "Emcee" in Cabaret in one of the main theatres in Oslo. In November 2015  "The Lulu Show" premiered at Centralteateret in Oslo to stunning reviewes and became a sell out. It has run in Norway over 2 years now, and is ready for touring.

"The transfixing stage presence of sultry Norwegian vocalist Hilde Louise Asbjornsen stole the show. Her smoky, note-perfect rendition of Strangelove was so close to the record, we wondered if she was pulling a Britney."  Now Magazine, Toronto

Lulu show