Born in the small town of Sykkylven on the Nortwest coast of Norway, Hilde Louise took piano lessons and sang in the local church choir, the only possible stage activities for children at that time and place. From the age of 16 she started performing with a model agency in Ålesund who offered fashion shows with dancing and entertainment (Piaf Modeller). When she moved to Oslo, at the age of 19, she dived in to studying Theatre Science at the University of Oslo, where she got her bachelor degree. In 1998 she enrolled in the student theatre, where she met her soon to be stage partner and close friend, Lene Kongsvik Johansen. Together, the girls formed the cabaret duo; Asbjørnsen & Joh. (refering to the well known folk story writers Asbjørnsen & Moe) With their satiric and humoristic musical shows Asbjørnsen & Joh. received stunning reviews, awards and a great audience, and performed together on stage, TV and radio for app. 9 years.Their first show, Noraprisen, premiered in 2000. Their last, so far, in 2008.

Parallell to writing for the cabaret stage, Hilde Louise began writing songs of her own in English. Having grown up with a mother cherishing the great jazz artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole, this had influenced her mind more than she was aware of. Untill she started writing..

Her first studio session happened in Bergen, 2002, with Harald Dahlstrøm(piano), Yngve Moe(bass) and Steinar Krogstad(drums), which resulted in her first demo tape.

Back in Oslo, she contacted Norwegian pianist Per Husby, and in December 2002 she played her first gig at "Fryd" in Oslo with Per Husby(pi), Kåre Nymark jr. (trumpet), Totto Hansen(drums) and Ole Marius Melhus (bass). In March 2004 Bonnier Amigo Music released her first album "Eleven Nights and Two Early Mornings" on the Amigo label.

"Eleven Nights" was very well received by the music press, and lead to a number of gigs in jazz clubs and festivals in Norway. The line-up changed on the way. Drummer Klaus Robert Blomvik (BWM Trio)  and pianist Tomas Heggdal joined in 2002 and bass player Roger Williamsen (BWM Trio) in 2004. In 2005 Hilde Louise asked pianist Anders Aarum to take over, and this lead to a long and extended collaboration. Aarum is featured on her second album "Birdie Blues" (UpNorth Discs 2005) where he also wrote the brass arrangments. "Birdie Blues" was co-produced by Karin Krog, and also features Georg Wadenius(guitar) and Atle Hammer(trumpet). Watch "All he needs to know"

In 2008 Aarum produced the album "Sound Your Horn", recorded in Oceansound Recordings, Giske. "Sound Your Horn" went straight into the Norwegian Charts Top 40 and stayed there for 6 weeks. Watch "It Ain't Friday" For that same album guitar player and composer Jan Martin Smørdal and bass player Jens Fossum joined the band, and put their signatures on both "Sound Your Horn" and "Never Ever Going Back". Watch "When Your Are Gone" (Also Produced by Aarum)

Autumn 2010 Asbjørnsen recorded her first live album, "Divin' At The Oceansound", featuring a new guitar player; Svein Erik Martinsen. This album put Hilde Louise on the front page of the Norwegian Jazz Nytt, and has also become a best seller in Norway. Watch "Tell Me Tomorrow" 

In 2006 Georg "Jojje" Wadenius asked Hilde Louise to do a tribute to the late Monice Zetterlund, who bacame a great inspiration. In June they recorded the album "No vil eg vake med deg" in Musikkloftet Studio, Oslo with Arild Andersen (bass), Pete Abbot (drums), Jan Lundgren (piano), Jan Allan (trumpet) and George Wadenius (guitar).

Hilde Louise joined the Sweedish jazz/electronica duo KOOP on their sparkeling tour of Asia, USA and Europe in 2007 and 2008. Watch them live here. 

Apart from her carreer as a musician, Hilde Louise has a successful career as an actress. In 2008 she played "Belle Poitrine" in the Neil Simon musical "Little Me", touring the whole country. Her part as "Ulla" in Mel Brooks' "The Producers - Springtime for Hitler" at Oslo Nye Teater, was rewarded with the Comic Award for Best Female Actress in 2010.

Hilde Louise's 7th album, "Månesjuk", was released on Sweet Morning Music/Grappa in 2012. Svein Andersen in Aftenposten writes: "It is as if a piece of Billie Holiday has taken recidence in her. She is the temptress that pushes you a little bit further than reason dictates." Watch "Gjer det igjen".