Don't Stay For Breakfast


Hilde Louise Orchestra presents 10 brand new, swinging tunes written by the artist and recorded over 4 days in Oceansound Recordings in March 2015.

With Julie London, Louis Prima and Duke Ellington on her playlist, Hilde Louise has written songs about black coffee, shoes and strange visitors for breakfast. The front cover is made by the internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Hariton Pushwagner.


Hamar Arbeiderblad 5/6: "Swinging, seductive, tight and neat"

Romerikes Blad 5/6: "Hilde Louise at her best"

Tor Hammerø, Tor de jazz: "What a lady! Hilde Louise tells stories with head and tail, heartfelt, real and food for thought"

Supported by The Composers' Remuneration Fund and FFUK

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